Arrivals departures

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List camp members and the vehicles that will be arriving and departing on which days here. This will allow us to manage placement and parking so we can get people in and out efficiently.

This page should be used as a quick reference for who's arriving early: Early Arrival Count


Tuesday August 20th

  • ShangriLa

Thursday August 25th

  • Super Friends Synaesthesia

Friday August 26th

  • Barechested Baristas
  • Bearwhalea
  • Superfriends Synaesthesia
  • Trashistan

Saturday August 27th

  • Bearwhalea
  • Grey Matter
  • Rejuvenation
  • Dr. Carl's (in its entirety, 14) - Some will trickle in by afternoon. Most of us are coming from LA and will arrive after dark.
  • STMB
  • Super Friends Synaesthesia

Sunday August 28th

  • Super Friends Synaesthesia


Friday September 2nd

Saturday September 3rd

Sunday September 4th

  • ShangriLa

Monday September 5th

  • ShangriLa

Tuesday September 6th