Building Our Village

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Arrival day will be splendid and challenging! We are all sure to arrive at different times and so we should most definitely have as solid a plan for the village build as possible. This page should eventually form a solid, easy to follow plan but let's get all our thoughts out there.

"We're the first to arrive, we're all alone! What do we do!?"

  • Panic
  • Hydrate
  • Tell the greeters that you're the first to arrive for BRCHOA and they will radio our placer (KGB?)
  • Meet placer at our given spot
  • Offer placer a cold beverage and say thanks for all the hard work to get us here
  • Walk the property line. Measure out our actual footage (should be close to 200' x 350' or 60.96m x 106.68m if you're not into the imperial system)
  • Hydrate
  • Measure out the fire access road and mark it
  • Measure out your camp and begin the building process!
  • Hydrate

Who and What


Brokedown Palace

Dr. Carl's/High Strung

Gr(ae)y Matter

Micheladas and Lipstick



Secret Society of Dust and Shadows

Spank the Monkey

  • Taking a nap this year


  • 8 LaLa's (thats what we call ourselves) will arrive on Tuesday/ Wednesday

Building will involve:

  • setting up 4 shade structures that are 20x36 feet on Thursday & Friday
  • One shower (hopefully by Friday)
  • One 10x20 Costco tent for kitchen on Saturday
  • Flags, and creating a cozy chill spot by Saturday
  • We will surround our area with cars.