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BRC HOA 2019.png Questions or concerns from placement? Please contact Yeti (yeti at drcarlscamp dot com).


The BRC HOA endeavors to provide a wide variety of activities and services for a more live-able neighborhood.


  • Visit The Mystical Order of Dust and Shadows and partake in their playa-wide adventure or stay put and learn to meditate.
  • Bearwhalea serves up custom cocktails that are sure to put a dent in your daytime activities. So much for that art you wanted to see.
  • Challenge a friend or a soon to be friend at Dr. Carl's Collection of Departments.
  • Perhaps you need a lift after crossing the desert all night (and whatever else it is you got up to!) Rejuvenation will get you back on your feet with coconut water and other refreshing elements that will leave you feeling like new.
  • It's the middle of the day and you haven't had alcohol in at least 30 minutes. Spank the Monkey Bar and Lounge is there for you. Stop by and sample custom cock...tails. Play a little Porn hole and your day will be that much brighter.
  • No matter where you go in the HOA you will surely be followed by snark from Tiny Trashistan. This year with the Fortune Telling Mini-Bar, Cine-Trash, random stencils, and the RANT-O-MATIC™ (if they feel like it.)
  • Finally as the sun begins to set and you howl (for you have survived another day in the desert), be dazzled by Prismaticamp's thousands of LEDs strewn about in costume, pedal powered cars and beyond.

Physical Description

The 6.5 camps in the village will utilize multiple structures for shelter, interactivity and infrastructure. Domes, quonset huts, hexayurts, scaffolding, RVs and a few stray tents will be scattered across our little piece of land. Our goal is to arrange the village to maximize frontage and to truly present ourselves as a village and not just a collection of camps. Each camp will submit a questionnaire detailing their structures.


Our village includes a wide variety of interactive elements, camp styles and Burner "how we got here" stories. Each camp within the village welcomes the new Burner and is eager to ensure they not only have an excellent time but become participants and contributors to our little city and the world they go back to.


A couple of our camps have BRC Storage Containers. ContainerPlacement info is here.

Village plan from 2017 moved to Village2017