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BRC HOA 2022.png Questions or concerns from placement? Please contact Yeti (yeti at drcarlscamp dot com).


The BRC HOA endeavors to provide a wide variety of activities and services for a more live-able neighborhood.

Visit The Mystical Order of Dust and Shadows for daily activities, The Puzzle Art Museum, and talks covering a wide range of subjects.

Bearwhalea serves up custom cocktails that are sure to put a dent in your daytime activities. So much for that art you wanted to see.

Dr. Carl's Collection of Departments will provide a selection of experiences both new and old. A throwback to the days of our big impressive board and questionable psychiatric advice, a return of remote control shenanigans, multiple hosted talks on subjects we deem interesting, and a few other departments to pique your curiosity.

Perhaps you need a lift after crossing the desert all night (and whatever else it is you got up to). Rejuvenation will get you back on your feet with coconut water and other refreshing elements that will leave you feeling like new.

Shangri-La, the wine bar with a yoga problem offers fine wines and yoga but you might have guessed that.

Trashistan will host the famous RantoMatic, INFÜS black metal cocktail bar (music, cocktails & life advice), home of the Anti-Now movement (BE THERE THEN!), CineTrash Theater and Wednesday wine & cheese happy hour

Finally, as the sun sets and you howl (for you have survived another day in the desert), be dazzled by Prismaticamp's thousands of LEDs strewn about in costume, car and if you need more visual stimulation enter the Pleasure Dome to dazzle your ocular nerves.

If the bright pixels of Prismaticamp leave you dizzy, stop by Trashistan for CineTrash. Eclectic projections you probably won’t see anywhere else on the playa.

Physical Description

The HOA consists of a variety of camps with a variety of structures all of which follow strict, strict guidelines as per HOA rules.

  • Bearwhalea is notable for their observation deck above the lounge.
  • Brokedown Palace can’t be missed with their large, live music and chill tent.
  • Dr. Carl's is expanding the porch structure to allow for talks and events and to offer more shade to the general population.
  • Graey Matter is our smallest resident but they make up for that with immense positivity.
  • Mystical Order has a low shade structure that is public facing.
  • Prismaticamp's Pleasure Dome may not look like much during the day but come back at night and be dazzled! Rumors abound that there will be extra blinky things to look at this year.
  • Rejuvenation offers comfort and replenishment with a front facing shade structure and community yurt.
  • Shangri-la presents their wine bar making it hard to miss.
  • Trashistan is often heard before they are seen but their CineTrash tent and bar are the most obvious forward facing structure.

Each camp is supported by various domes, quonset huts, carports, yurts, and a smattering of RVs for living and support.


Any camp that is invited to join the village is expected to understand the basics of the culture in Black Rock City and to properly acculturate any new campers that join them. We greatly value our city and the principles that guide it. New campers are expected to participate in meetings or gatherings that happen leading up to the playa. This is the best time to help them understand what it is we're doing out there in the desert. The most important principles we reinforce are decommodification, radical inclusion, radical self reliance, and leave no trace. From these 4 you can easily get to the others.

10 Principles Challenges: Immediacy can be the most challenging as the default world is not built for it. While we build our city in an effort to create something better than the built world, it can take time and great effort to escape the barriers we have created for ourselves.


Two of our camps have BRC Storage Containers.

  • Dr. Carl's - PC052
  • Prismaticamp - PC248

Brokedown Palace (PC180) is no longer attending 2022

ContainerPlacement info is here.