Spank the Monkey

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Wet your whistle at the Spank the Monkey Lounge, enjoy virgin burner shots, playa friendly poontang™ as well as other refreshing beverages. They come with free harassment from our assortment of monkey clad bartenders, we’ll try not to throw poo.

Early Arrival

  • 11 Passes
  • Saturday August 29th

Attendance (EA/Setup in Bold)

  • Mike Trapp
  • Logan Clonts
  • Chad Young
  • Wayne Bradshaw
  • Eric Wright
  • Tyler Wood
  • Mat Davis
  • Jacob Case
  • Carole Nanette (ea via ranger)
  • Nick Faucett
  • Benjamin Diaz
  • Taylor Wallgren
  • Lara Beaton
  • Nicholas Grenie
  • Benjamin Guillet